Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"Green Tech" columns for April & May 2008

Okay, I've been a little show posting links the these latest articles, but here are a whole bunch of "Green Tech" articles from the pages of RiverWired.com:

Act With Your Wallet: Do Business With Green Companies

Do Green Good Every Time You Search the Internet

Web Browser Gives Back to Green Causes

Learn to Improve Your Car's Gasoline Efficiency

Texas Declares Memorial Day Sales Tax Holiday for Energy Star Appliances

Device Can Cut Energy Use by 10% -- Just Plug It In!

Cold Soda Equals High Energy Costs

Solar-Powered Table Lights Up the Night, Charges Your Devices

The Greenest Cellphone Company in America: CREDO

Save Money, Paper, Power -- Ditch the Fax Machine

Save Paper. Save Trees -- Try Digital Magazines

Free Mobile Phone Game Aims to Save Gorillas

New Green Stereo Sound System Uses Less Energy

Send an Instant Message, Fight Global Warming

Reduce, Reuse... FREECYCLE

Energy Star: It's About More Than Refrigerators

5 Ways to Recycle Your Old Computer Monitor

New Solar-Powered Household Generator Is Pricey But Powerful

New Gadget Can Save You Money on Electricity

Carbon Credits for Frequent Fliers

Quick Trips Call for the E-Bike

Make a Friend, Plant a Tree

World's First Solar-Powered Bluetooth Headset

Hot News About Water Heaters

Greener Office Supplies Just a Click Away

How Can You Become An Innovator? Look to the Stars for Answers

For more than a century, science-fiction authors have played a major role in helping to shape technology innovations. What can we learn from writers of science fiction that will allow us to be more innovative in the real world?

Monday, June 2, 2008

Extinction Blog: April and May 2008 news stories

Two months, more than two dozen stories about endangered species around the world:

April, 2008

Could the Tasmanian devil evolve and save itself from extinction?

Endangered sunflower gets critical habitat

Interior Secretary blows off polar bear hearings

Cambodian waterbirds make a comeback -- thanks to former poachers

Project aims to preserve endangered frogs -- by freezing their sperm

Extinct species rediscovered

Britain's butterflies, dragonflies disappearing fast

Too many males for critically endangered seabird

At least China is doing one good thing for Tibet

Judge: No more delays on polar bear decision

May, 2008

Another endangered species, another case of White House interference

Solar power vs. endangered birds

Rare breeding success for China's endangered crested ibis

Hey Americans, stop buying ivory!

Why hasn't the endangered Puerto Rican parrot recovered?

History repeating itself for peregrine falcons

Breeding success for three critically endangered species

Polar bears declared a threatened species; oil drilling to continue

Friday is Endangered Species Day

Humans driving 1% of species to extinction every year, says study

Extinct: Say good-bye to the white-handed gibbon

Avian apocalypse: 1 in 8 bird species risks extinction

Good news for humpback whales

Finning continues to devastate shark populations

Endangered species news from around the world

Rare beauty disappearing from the wild

The race to discover the world's biodiversity ... before it disappears

Is it too late to save New Zealand's endangered dolphins?