Monday, September 28, 2015

Introversion and Sexual Deception

Another week, another list of article links.

This time around, let's start our Monday morning countdown with my latest careers article for IEEE-USA Insight:

An Introvert’s Guide to Leadership

Next up, two new "Extinction Countdown" articles for Scientific American, including my favorite headline of the month:

Sexually Deceptive Orchid Seeks Specialty Pollinator

Rising Seas and Pounding Waves Will Threaten 3 Common Pacific Seabirds

Keeping with the wildlife/environment theme, here are three new articles for TakePart:

The Illegal Timber Trade Is Destroying Myanmar’s Forests and Wildlife

For the First Time, U.S. Considers Declaring a Bee Endangered

Now Palm Oil Is Killing the Frogs

Finally this week, I launched a niche blog to talk about one of my favorite obsessions:

Bicentennial Comics

That's it for this time around. Follow me on Twitter for more headlines as they happen or come back here next Monday for another link list!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Painful Polar Bears and Umbrella Pandas

Whoa, it's Monday again! I'm back in the saddle after a weekend at Rose City Comic Con here in Portland, where I really dove into learning things for two of my goals for the next year: writing about comics more and doing some journalism in comics form.

You won't see any of that in today's article list, though. This week's links are all conservation-oriented. There's some powerful and painful stuff here -- but also a few heroes. Hey, just like comics!

I'll start with my two "Extinction Countdown" articles for Scientific American, this second of which is actually just a link to an interview I did for KCRW radio last week:

Giant Panda Conservation Also Helps Other Unique Species in China

The Polar Bear Photo Seen around the World

I also had three articles out from TakePart, two of which had interesting parallels to each other:

Stress Takes Toll on Elephants Forced to Work in Myanmar’s Timber Industry

Poaching and Illegal Logging Are Wiping Out Ghana’s Birds

Swordfish Industry Ordered to Stop Killing Endangered Whales and Sea Turtles

That's it for this week. I should have several interesting new articles out this coming week. Make sure to follow me on Twitter for links as they happen!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Weird Fish and Climate Conundrums

What the heck -- we're already half-way through September? How did that happen?

Well, I guess I've had my head down to the keyboard so much that I didn't notice the passage of time. But I did get a lot of writing done, including this week's four new articles. Here they are, starting with my two latest "Extinction Countdown" articles for Scientific American:

Killer Starfish Threaten Fish That Walks on Hand-Like Fins

Israel and Palestine Share a Rapidly Disappearing Gazelle

Also on this week's list, two climate/wildlife related articles for TakePart:

Pacific Northwest Frogs Are a Hop, Skip, and a Jump From Oblivion as Temperatures Rise

The Latest Threat to Bees Stops Them From Smelling the Flowers

More next week!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Elusive Species, Intrepid Adventurers and Technology Startups

Happy Labor Day! I'm not working today -- an extreme rarity for a freelance writer, let me tell you! -- but I am taking a moment to remind you about the work that I did last week. It was quite a week -- a mix of new news articles and a few features that have been in the works for a while now and finally saw the light of day (or the computer monitor as the case may be).

Let's start the list with those news articles, the first three of which were for TakePart:

Soon Nearly Every Seabird Will Be Flying With a Gut Full of Plastic Trash

Adventurer Is Walking 1,800 Miles to Find Madagascar’s Rarest Lemur

Australia’s Wombats Are Dying in the Worst Way Possible—Could an App Help?

Next up, my latest "Extinction Countdown" article for Scientific American:

Asian Vultures Get Good News Ahead of International Vulture Day

On a related conservation note, here's my first feature for Mongabay:

The Cat Ba Langur: a primate walks the razor’s edge of extinction

And finally this week, here's my latest technology careers article for IEEE's The Institute:

Get Schooled on Startups From a Venture Capitalist Whose Companies Have Never Failed

That's it -- plenty for you to read on the last day of your long weekend.

Follow me on Twitter for more of this week's headlines, or come back here next Monday for another list!