Saturday, June 30, 2007

Plenty Magazine: Extinction Blog entries for June

I just completed my first month writing "Extinction Blog" for the fine folks at Plenty Magazine. Here are links to the 24 stories I wrote in June:

Extinction Blog: A (re)introduction

Monkey Theft Kills Chance for Breeding Program

Climate Change Puts New Zealand's Tuatara at Risk

Does the Wolverine Need Endangered Species Protection?

Extinct Catfish Rediscovered in Suriname

Tiger Population Decline is "Catastrophic", Says WWF Scientist

CITES Criticized for Decision on Ugandan Leopards

Trade Talks Fail to Protect Two Shark Species

Orangutans vs. Logging: Habitats Could be Gone in 10 Years

Should Ivory Trade Ban Be Relaxed?

Chinese Turtle May Be Extinct in Ten Years

Global Warming Puts Peary Caribou on Canadian Endangered Species List

"Devil's Bird" Owl Nearly Extinct

U.S. Returning Seeds of Extinct Plants to Korea

Endangered but Unprotected: The Florida Bonneted Bat

Hawaii: "The Endangered Species Capital of the United States"

Vancouver Island Marmot Starts Climb from Extinction

India Hopes to Save Rare Kashmir Red Deer

Counting Down: The Last 110 Mississippi Sandhill Cranes

Dubai's Wadi Fish Threatened by Pollution, Invasive Species

Turkish Group Aims for "Zero Extinction"

Goats, Rats, Pigs and Tourists Put Galapagos at Risk

Jam Makers Hope to "Preserve" Rare Apricot from Extinction

Bald Eagle Off Endangered Species List -- But Is It Too Soon?

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