Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Extinction Blog: July 2007 stories

Here are this month's stories from Extinction Blog, published by the fine folks at Plenty Magazine.
World's Largest Freshwater Fish Threatened with Extinction

Illegal Pet Trade, Poor Water Quality Put Ozark Hellbender at Risk

Poor Lonesome George...

Borneo Rhinos Suffer from Low Sperm Count

Want to Help Endangered Species? Be A Taxonomist

How We Killed Off the Woodrat

Happy Feat: 10 Penguin Species Could Gain Endangered Species Protection

Mussel Fitness

Nearly 300 Species Await Endangered Species Act Protection

Release the Dingoes?

Will Soda Ash Plant Have Us Saying "Ta-Ta" to Flamingos?

Super-fast Evolution Saves Samoa Butterfly from Extinction

Birds vs. Beaches

Coal Mining: One More Threat to Orangutans

Group Aims to Keep India's Bustards from Going Bust

Just 38 Devil's Hole Pupfish Remain

Newspaper Finds UK Zoos Selling Healthy Tigers to Skin Trade

18 Endangered Species Get Second Chance for More Protection

The Battle for the Beluga

Uganda's "Sex Tree" Risks Extinction

How Nuclear Power Helped Save the American Crocodile

Mountain Gorillas Slain in Congo

Endangered Bighorn Sheep Could Get 400,000 Acres of Protected Habitat

World's Largest Feshwater Fish Feared Extinct

Nepal's Elephants Face TB Threat

Thai Amulet Craze Creates Threat for Dugong

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