Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Extinction Blog: August 2007 articles

Here's the latest from the Plenty magazine web site:
UK Game Trust Calls for Grey Partridge Protection

Profiting from Panda Poo

Researchers Hope to Save Critically Endangered Deer from Inbreeding

60% of Zimbabwe's Wildlife Gone Since 2000; Ghana Bans Hunting for 4 Months

Group Sues to Protect Endangered American Jaguar

Contradictory Laws Enable High Fashion to Profit from Threatened Species

Cats vs. Endangered Birds

China's Yangtze River Dolphin Declared Extinct

Endangered Species News Roundup

Western Hemisphere's Largest Butterfly Risks Extinction

Frog-killing Fungus Worse than Originally Feared

Where Have All the Butterflies Gone?

A Campaign to Save the World's Most Endangered Birds

Bush Asks Federal Agencies to Cater to Hunters

New Island Home Equals Hope for the Gilbert's Potoroo

Banning Lead Bullets Could Save the California Condor

Emergency Rangers Deployed to Protect Endangered Mountain Gorillas

Hawaiian Monk Seal Gets First New Recovery Plan in Nearly 25 Years

Dietary Supplement Could Save Rare Parrot from Extinction

2008 Declared 'Year of the Frog'

Artificial Insemination Technique Gives Hope to Endangered Species

Lobstahs vs Whales

UK's Biodiversity in Crisis

Japan's Rarest Wildcat Gets Even Rarer

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