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Extinction Blog, Oct-Dec 2008

More catch-up links!

October, 2008

Bush Admin spins its move to protect 48 Hawaiian species
Extinctions predicted for fish, red panda
2008 Red List of Endangered Species: A 'bleak picture' of the world's biodiversity
Breeding failure could doom turtle to extinction
Canada fails to protect grizzlies, killer whales
Poaching puts African fauna and flora at risk of extinction
Rare frog delays extinction for another year
Today is the last day to save the Endangered Species Act
Six degrees of kangaroo extinction
Salvation (and media attention) for endangered Cook Inlet beluga whales
Countdown to a rare plant's extinction
Rare coral cross-breeds to survive
The dilemma of the disappearing dingo
More violence threatens mountain gorillas in Congo
Wolves in the cross-hairs -- again!
The race to save Mexico's 'water monster'
Can international cooperation save the vaquita?

November, 2008

Elkhorn and staghorn corals gain added protections
Brazil's endangered species list triples in size
25% of Atlantic sharks at risk of extinction
Rabies outbreak threatens world's rarest wolf species
Hawaii gets digital TV early to protect endangered birds
A call to save the 'desperate dozen'
Endangered salmon vs. popular pesticides
Will Bush rush through changes to Endangered Species Act?
Sawfish recovery could take 'centuries'
Greed driving bluefin tuna to extinction
It takes time and money to declare a species 'endangered'

December, 2008

In war-torn Congo, a pleasant surprise
What is killing India's endangered gharials?
Australia's white possum possible victim of climate change
United Nations declares 2009 'Year of the Gorilla'
Cheetah racing toward extinction
Last 7 wild Asian buffaloes waiting for extinction
If a tree falls in a forest, so does every species that depends on it
Worst nesting season ever for endangered albatross
Bush Administration slashes Endangered Species Act
Kenya adds antelope species to its endangered species list
Terrible news for Tasmanian devils
Where to put the panther?
Why the U.S. Would Protect Penguins Under the Endangered Species Act
Slightly good news for world's rarest rhinos
'Moose Summit' warns of global warming dangers
Report: Global warming poisoning koalas

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