Monday, August 16, 2010

Wombats, climate change, electric vehicles and Sudoku

I'm back in the office after a rare two-week vacation. But that doesn't mean that a whole bunch of my articles weren't published in my absence.

First up, a couple of Extinction Countdown articles for Scientific American:

Road Killed: Australia's common wombat could soon be uncommon

Thaw Deal: Climate change could leave penguins in the dark

Next we have a couple of tech articles for engineering pubs:

Biometrics Systems eLearning Tutorials Now Available

IEEE Honors Ceremony Recognizes Innovators

Electric Vehicles on the Rise: What Does That Mean for the Engineering Community?

And finally, here's a new batch of Green Tech articles for Green Hands USA. Enjoy!

New Solar Surge Case Helps Keep Your iPhone Charged     

Off-Grid Networking Connects People With Living Spaces

Love Sudoku? How About Trees?

Watch Greener TV with the Roku Box

It's Vacation Time! Want to Travel Green?

Keep Your Home Cool With A Green Roof!

Three Simple Ways to Save Water

New Sanyo Solar Cells Offer Greater Efficiency

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