Monday, October 25, 2010

This week's articles: Dying coral, Wonder Woman, and Halloween candy

This week's articles cover a pretty wide range of topics. That's half the fun of being a freelancer -- you never know what cool stories are going to fall in your lap from week to week!

First off, as usual, here are this week's Extinction Countdown columns for Scientific American:

Rare New Zealand pigs to be killed for their semen

Asian coral die-off could be worst ever; Is climate change to blame?  [Of course, this got plenty of comments from global warming deniers!)

Now a few fun, cause-related stories for

Fifth Annual Wonder Woman Day to Help Victims of Domestic Violence [This raised a huge amount of money, I'm excited to say!]

Help Team Superman Raise $10K to Battle Brain Tumors

And finally, here are the latest Green Tips blogs from the pages of Green Hands USA:

Do You Work in a 'Sick Building'?

How to Choose Eco-Friendly Halloween Candy

So far this week I've written about wildlife smuggling, wireless communications, facial recognition, and sustainable business practices. Stay tuned next week for more links!

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