Monday, July 11, 2011

Dangerous plants, rare camels, a new editorial gig and the grossest story I ever wrote

Last week brought a bunch of new articles, an announcement or two, a contest win and other goodies.

First up, Scientific American launched their big new blog network, which Extinction Countdown will be a part of. Here are this week's two articles for them:

Enormous, Endangered, Epileptic Loggerhead Turtle Gets MRI Brain Scan [Definitely check out the video in this one. Very cool.]

Last Wild Camels in China Could be Saved with Embryonic Transfer Technique Perfected in U.A.E.

Next up, a new batch of articles for Mother Nature Network, where my editor recently joked that they should just go ahead and make their reporter for weird and odd stories. Hey, works for me.

Deadly Mexican drug cartels expanding into illegal logging

Hogweed: Blindness-causing plant spreading across New York

Mantria Corporation: The biggest green Ponzi scheme ever?

What's in your navel? Hundreds and hundreds of types of bacteria [I gotta tell you, I just about puked writing this story. Have fun reading it!]

This next bit isn't an article, but it's words, so it counts. Once again, I was the winner in cartoonist Eli Stein's cartoon caption contest. This was my fourth win, and possibly my favorite.

Finally this week, it was announced that I'll be a contributing editor, covering comics, to the new version of the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, the first new volume of this massive tome in many years and the first to be done completely online. We launch next year. Should be fun.

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