Monday, October 29, 2012

Komodo dragons and five other new articles

Well, it's Monday morning and most of the East Coast is embroiled in Frankenstorm Sandy. Or at least, I presume they are. I'm typing this up on Sunday afternoon in anticipation of Monday-morning posting.

So, if you haven't lost power and found yourself under a foot and a half of water, here are this week's six new articles for Scientific American and Mother Nature Network. (If you are without power, well then, that's the big problem with online publishing, innit?)

Female Komodo Dragons Die Young, Housework to Blame

Habitat Loss, Misinformation Spur Chimpanzee Aggression

Amtrak promises high-speed trains in Midwest after successful test run

Who goes there? Rare Yosemite owls studied via sound

Smoking apps promote cigarettes to kids, say researchers

Doctor-assisted suicide goes to ballot in Massachusetts

For all I know, I'll be without power myself before too long. That's why I spent all weekend working away, making sure that several assignments were awaiting my editors in their in-boxes on Monday morning. Of course, now I have to hope that they have power, too.

This is all climate change's fault, of course, which is why I keep writing about environmental stuff.

Anyway, more next week...

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