Monday, August 4, 2014

Killer anteaters, killed anteaters and a million-dollar challenge

Hey folks! Welcome to another Monday. This isn't a typical Monday for me. I'm officially off work and packing up the house for our big move to Oregon. The movers arrive a week from today and there's a lot to do before then.

And so, without further ado, here are the links to my articles from last week. I'll start, as I usually do, with my two "Extinction Countdown" articles for Scientific American:

All 8 Pangolin Species Being Eaten into Extinction

Nearly Extinct Mussel Gets One Last Chance at Survival

Next up, this week's poaching and wildlife articles for TakePart:

'Star Wars' Invasion of Irish Isle Stirs Bird Lovers' Ire

Uh-Oh, Now Giant Anteaters are Killing Hunters in Self-Defense

You have a million dollars' worth of reasons to read this article for IEEE's The Institute:

The Little Box Challenge: Design a Miniature Power Inverter

And finally, here are a bunch of science-related articles for Mother Nature Network and their sister site, From the Grapevine:

Why do birds sunbathe?

Eureka! Student creates free online software for genetics research

Once near extinction, rare fish swims again in Israeli river

Cloudy with a chance of cell service

The breath test that saves: Electronic nose detects lung cancer 

That's it for this week -- and probably for a couple of weeks. I still have a few articles lined up for publication throughout August, and I may still write one or two in between packing and driving across the country. I will not, however, but posting these regular Monday updates again until September. Make sure you don't miss anything: follow me on Twitter and you'll see some headlines as they appear, and maybe even a few photos from our cross-country road trip.

See you next month!

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