Monday, January 19, 2015

Bears and Beers

I gotta say, I write about some weird stuff. Some of it's amazing and awe-inspiring. Other subjects are enough to turn my stomach. But I can't turn away, and neither should you.

Here are five new articles links for you -- two for Scientific American and three for TakePart. They're all wildlife-related in one way or another. Some are cute. Others not so much. Can you guess which was this week's most popular?

The Real Paddington Bear: Cute, Unique and Endangered

Mexican Wolves Finally Get Endangered Species Status

The Horrible Truth Behind Those Slow Loris Videos You Love

Iceland Brewer Promotes Whale-Testicle Beer. Yes, Really

Watch This Orangutan Try to Talk Like a Human

There's lots more in the week to come, so follow me on Twitter for the headlines as each new article is published.

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