Monday, June 8, 2015

Turtle Love, Deformed Frogs and Sad Bears

Good morning and welcome to another edition of "What John Platt published last week."

This week presented me with a number of wildly interesting wildlife stories. All of these seem pretty bleak at first blush, but read deeper; there are a lot of positive messages hidden inside.

We'll start this little linkfest with my two "Extinction Countdown" articles for Scientific American:

100-Year-Old Turtle, the Last of Her Kind, Could Soon Be a Mom

No Fish, No Fowl: European Fish and Birds in Decline, Despite Some Conservation Successes

Next on the hit parade, this week's articles for TakePart:

A Little Medicine Shop of Horrors for Endangered Sun Bears

Pollution and Climate Change Are Deforming and Killing Alaska's Frogs

That brings our weekly visit to a close. Stay tuned for lots more next Monday -- same Platt time, same Platt station.

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