Monday, May 22, 2017

I'm back!

Well hello there. It's been a while.

As announced here a few months ago, my freelancing days are mostly behind me. I am now the editor and lead writer of a new environmental website that launched this past week after four months of development. It's called The Revelator.

I'll still do the odd bit of freelancing here and there, but for the most part The Revelator will be the home for my journalism moving forward.

And moving forward, we are. We were only "live" for three days last week, but that short time included a whole bunch of new pieces by me, including my opening editorial for the first day and several articles. Here's the whole list:

Welcome to The Revelator

The Extinction Crisis is Here. How do We Keep from Feeling Overwhelmed?

Whooping Cranes Could Be Wiped Out by Climate Change

GreenLatinos: Working Locally, Connecting Nationally

Trump’s Border Wall Could Impact an Astonishing 10,000 Species

Drawdown: 100 Powerful (and Sometimes Surprising) Solutions to Global Warming

Expect a lot more moving forward. We're just warming up!

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