Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Frogs and yams in danger; Can't a gibbon get some love?

Another batch of articles links for you, dear readers.

First up, this week's Extinction Countdown stories for Scientific American:

I yam what I yam--and what I yam is endangered and under-researched

Bad news for crested gibbons, the forgotten apes [I was disappointed this one didn't generate more readers and comments, but then again, the point of the story is that no one cares about gibbons, so I guess I wasn't surprised.]

Are Frogs Injurious Species?

Next, two Green Tips blogs from the virtual pages of Green Hands USA:

Eco-Aware Moms Pick Greenest Food Brands

New Book Smartens You Up About Solar Power

And finally, here's a long-delayed comic-book review written for Joe Bob Briggs:

Blood Orange #1

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