Monday, January 24, 2011

Tasmanian Devils, Superstorms, and the new Green Hands USA

What a cool week. My story on Tasmanian devils (see below) got picked up everywhere, and for a while, the animals were the #9 search topic on Google. Meanwhile, I started writing a lot more for Mother Nature Network, Green Hands USA finally completed its relaunch, and I conducted several fantastic interviews for upcoming features.

So let's sum up the week that was with the latest batch of Platt article links:

First, the big Extinction Countdown articles for Scientific American:

Has an infectious cancer doomed Tasmanian devils to extinction?

70 percent of Turkey's birds are headed toward extinction

Next, we have a variety of great stories for Mother Nature Network:

Life at high altitudes linked to higher risk of suicide

Book review: "Sustainable Excellence: The Future of Business in a Fast-Changing World"

Solar-powered roads could make snow disappear

'Superstorm' could strike California, scientists warn

Celiac disease: New saliva test could help diagnose children

And finally, the first story on the re-launched Green Hands USA. (The next couple of weeks will see a lot of repeat stories from GHU as they rebuild their audience, and a lot of my old stories for them might no longer appear at the links in my old entries. I'll probably archive some of the older ones on this blog eventually.)

Greenpeace: Asus Makes the Greenest Electronics

Okay, that's it for this week! I'm off to write more. See you again soon!

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