Monday, February 14, 2011

Gorillas, trees, bats, and more -- 15 new article links

It was a productive week in the Platt office, with another new record of 15 published articles. There's something for everybody here, including Valentine's Day tips, iPhone apps, career advice and green news.

First up, this week's two pieces for my Extinction Countdown blog at Scientific American:

Deforestation may have killed off rare bat in Ireland

The Denver Zoo is helping to save Peru's critically endangered Lake Titicaca frog

Next up, this month's feature article for Today's Engineer:

Engineering for Reparability: Designing for the Greater Good?

We follow that up with six articles for Green Hands USA. (Some of these are new, some are edited reruns.)

Five Ideas for a Greener Valentine's Day

Love Sudoku? How About Trees?

Fly Greener with Carbon Credits

Arguing with a Global Warming Denier? There's An App for That

Build Your Own Solar-Powered Electric Vehicle!

iPhone App Helps Save Endangered Gorillas

And finally, a bevvy of fine news articles for Mother Nature Network:

Yahoo Livestand to bring the magazine rack to tablet computers

Georgia's forests are worth more than $37 billion annually, says study

Offshore wind power: Feds announce $50.5 million in funding for mid-Atlantic project

Confession app: Bless me, iPhone, for I have sinned...

Groupon to tweak Super Bowl ad about Tibet

Smithsonian open after fire scare

How many articles will we have for next week? I'm as excited to find out as you are!

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