Monday, February 28, 2011

Turtles, tuna, missing frogs, comic books, tree-killers & green tips - 16 new article links

It was a busy week at the keyboard, so we have an astounding 16 articles here to inform and entertain you.

First up, we have three articles for Scientific American. There are normally two of these, but one got help up over the weekend, so this week you get three:

Turtles in trouble: New report identifies the 25 most endangered turtle species

Large ocean fish could be gone by 2050, study says  [This was the most popular story on their site for a day or two]

Nationwide search leads to rediscovery of five frog species in India

Next up, a fun and inspiring feature for, my first for them in about two months.

Comic Strip Fans Team Up to Fight Parkinson's Disease

This brings us to several news stories for Mother Nature Network, half of which continue the story of the university tree murders from last week.

Take a cruise to the North Pacific garbage patch

Auburn tree-killing suspect living in car, bathing in creek

MillerCoors donates $80,000 to benefit local river organizations

Auburn University students rally, raise money for poisoned trees

Oh, and one of my previous stories for MNN was picked up The Miami Herald this week.

Green Hands USA keeps on chugging along. Here are six new / newly edited articles from this past week:

Earn Money by Recycling Your Empty Inkjet Cartridges 

Five Energy Vampires in Your Home

Five Green Devices Every Home Should Have

Challenge Your Neighbors to an Energy Bill Reduction Contest

Travel Greener: Stay at an Energy Star Hotel

How Green Is Your Commute? Find Out Now

And finally this week, here's a new book review for Graphic Novel Reporter:

X-9: Secret Agent Corrigan, Vol. One: 1967–1969

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