Monday, March 14, 2011

G-Week: Ghost Cats, Geniuses, Green Ideas, Gorillas and Graphic Novels

Gosh-a-mighty, did this week see a lot of new articles, including several long-gestating features that finally saw print.

Let's start off with those, beginning with this feature for Today's Engineer:

Career Focus: Software Engineering

Next up we have my interviews with two MacArthur genius winners for IEEE's The Institute:

IEEE Members Earn "Genius" Awards

As usual, I wrote two Extinction Countdown columns for Scientific American:

Giving up on the "ghost cat": Eastern cougar subspecies declared extinct

Rare Costa Rican birds captured, tagged for study for the first time

...and a bunch of "green tips" blogs for Green Hands USA:

How Green Is Your Paper?

GreenShipping Helps You Offset Mail's Carbon Emissions

The Greenest Way to Get an iPad: Buy Refurbished

Want to be Facebook Friends with a Gorilla?

Write a Poem or Draw a Picture to Help Save Frogs

Save Ink (and Money) with Ecofont

Of course, there were also a few new articles for Mother Nature Network, where I'll have several new features coming up in the next week or two:

Could taking this bucolic image land you in jail? [this headline works better if you can see the image.]

The art of hand washing

New iPad app tells the story behind National Geographic's greatest photos

And finally, here's a new book review for Graphic Novel Reporter.

Moon Lake

That's it for this week (as if you need more). Keep reading, and I'll keep writing!

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