Monday, March 28, 2011

Tragedies, good advice and events you missed

This week's two Extinction Countdown columns for Scientific American were particularly disheartening:

Half of the world's rockhopper penguins threatened by oil spill

Compromise could take gray wolves off the endangered species list in two states

But at least I got to write about some good things going on for Green Hands USA:

Don't Forget Earth Hour This Weekend [oops - you missed it.]

Why Buy? It's Greener to Borrow

Living Near Public Transportation Cuts Energy Costs 39-50%

Stop the Yellow Pages from Coming to Your Door

What Are You Doing for World Water Day? [another event that has passed, but it was still cool.]

An Apple A Day Really May Keep the Doctor Away

I also wrote a few fun stories for Mother Nature Network:

Starbucks mobile payment app used by three million people in three months

Could medical marijuana get the Al Capone treatment?

The coming weeks will see several new features, as well as a veritable ton of book reviews. Plus the usual news articles and posts. Stay tuned! You wouldn't want to miss a thing.

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