Monday, April 18, 2011

Climate change, UFOs, the rare mountain bongo and...nannies

This week brought a wild mix of articles, mostly about environmental topics, but a few touching on other oddities of life.

First, let's look at this week's three Extinction Countdown articles for Scientific American:

Wolves lose, tigers gain, penguins in peril and other updates from the brink

Australian mathematicians say some endangered species "not worth saving"

Mountain bongo faces extinction after more than a century of decline

Next, we have our usual big batch of posts for Green Hands USA:

Five Ways to Cut Your Junk Mail

How Walkable Is Your Neighborhood?

Which Airlines Fly the Greenest Skies?

Locavores: Find Free Fruit in Your Neighborhood

Fight Global Warming by Blocking Spam

How to Plan A Carbon-Neutral Wedding

Now, a mix of articles for Mother Nature Network:

Climate change arguments explained

FBI opens online vault, revealing UFO, Roswell files [Nearly a week later, this is still the most popular story on]

10 things childcare providers won't tell you [This was actually a rewrite/expansion of another author's MNN article that was then published at Yahoo! Green]

Finally, on a different note, one of my MNN articles inspired artist Ian Bunn to create this: "Of everything that I do this most rewarding" -- Pretty cool.

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