Monday, April 11, 2011

This week's articles: career advice, a rescued turtle, green tips and a honey badger

This week brought a bunch of tech features that I think came out really well.

First up, we have my profile of a groundbreaking engineer for IEEE's The Institute:

Lauren Christopher: Hall of Famer

Next, here's this month's article for Today's Engineer:

Career Focus: Is Now the Right Time for Engineers to Become Entrepreneurs?

And here's another one for The Institute, for IEEE members:

Overhaul of Consultants Database Could Boost Chances of Getting Hired

Now let's get to the usual eco-themed articles. There was only one Extinction Countdown column for Scientific American last week, but there should be three this week:

Dramatic rescue of a century-old turtle in Vietnam could help save species from extinction

My two articles for Mother Nature Network this week were extremely popular:

20,000 customers leave in response to CEO's elephant-shooting video

Crazy honey badger video goes viral

And last, but not least, we have my six weekly tips for Green Hands USA, some of which logged record traffic:

What's Your Water Footprint?

Is This the Year You Switch to An Electric Mower?

What's Your Paper Footprint?

5 Ways to Use Less Energy While Watching TV

Telecommuting Twice a Week is Like Getting a $3,400 Raise

Show Your Love: Don't Buy Dirty Gold

There's lots more coming up this week. But for now, enjoy reading this batch!

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