Monday, December 19, 2011

Banning bullfrogs, breeding devils, saving money and a mystery

Last week's articles and blog posts ran the gamut from good news to bad news to the just plain weird.

First up, my latest articles about endangered species for Scientific American:

Should California Ban American Bullfrogs? [This was reprinted by the Huffington Post]

Sperm Bank and Reproductive Research Could Help Save Tasmanian Devils from Extinction [You can find all of my SciAm articles about the communicable cancer that has killed 70-90% of the world's Tasmanian devils in past 15 years here]

Mother Nature Network gave me two interesting stories this week:

'Like' this: Facebook and Greenpeace to collaborate on clean energy

Medical mystery robs voiceover artist of his voice, but finds magic pill in Ambien - [This was reprinted by Yahoo, who also put it on their front page.]

And finally, here are three new blog posts for Green Hands USA:

Hasbro Greens its Toy Packaging

Volkswagen Has World's Greenest Auto Plant

Taking Public Transportation Could Save You $816 a Month

There's lots more coming before the end of the year. What's that, time off for the holidays? Nah, not me!

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