Monday, December 12, 2011

Hellbenders, Angry Birds, How to Develop Apps, Mobile Learners and lots more

Nine new articles saw print last week. At this rate, I'd better ask for a new keyboard for Christmas.

Here are this week's links. First up, my usual two Extinction Countdown articles for Scientific American:

Endangered Ozark Hellbender Salamanders Breed in Captivity for the First Time

Do PCBs Still Threaten Humans? A Turtle Study Suggests They Might

Also, last week's article on rare Hainan gibbons was reprinted by the Huffington Post

Mother Nature Network had three new Platt bylines this week. I particularly enjoyed this first one, but all were interesting to research and write:

iSchool Initiative inspires students to go paperless and become 'mobile learners'

Should New York City ban horse-drawn carriages?

Former missile complex to become 'mock city' for training first responders

I loved conducing the interviews for my latest Today's Engineer article, which looks at a growing technology career:

Career Focus: App Development

And finally, after some time off, the folks at Green Hands USA have started up again. Here are three short new articles for them:

Does Your Tuna Contain Mercury?

Save Green While Going Green: Try Leasing Solar Power

Angry Birds Helps Fight Bird Extinctions

That's it for now. More next week!

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