Monday, February 28, 2011

Turtles, tuna, missing frogs, comic books, tree-killers & green tips - 16 new article links

It was a busy week at the keyboard, so we have an astounding 16 articles here to inform and entertain you.

First up, we have three articles for Scientific American. There are normally two of these, but one got help up over the weekend, so this week you get three:

Turtles in trouble: New report identifies the 25 most endangered turtle species

Large ocean fish could be gone by 2050, study says  [This was the most popular story on their site for a day or two]

Nationwide search leads to rediscovery of five frog species in India

Next up, a fun and inspiring feature for, my first for them in about two months.

Comic Strip Fans Team Up to Fight Parkinson's Disease

This brings us to several news stories for Mother Nature Network, half of which continue the story of the university tree murders from last week.

Take a cruise to the North Pacific garbage patch

Auburn tree-killing suspect living in car, bathing in creek

MillerCoors donates $80,000 to benefit local river organizations

Auburn University students rally, raise money for poisoned trees

Oh, and one of my previous stories for MNN was picked up The Miami Herald this week.

Green Hands USA keeps on chugging along. Here are six new / newly edited articles from this past week:

Earn Money by Recycling Your Empty Inkjet Cartridges 

Five Energy Vampires in Your Home

Five Green Devices Every Home Should Have

Challenge Your Neighbors to an Energy Bill Reduction Contest

Travel Greener: Stay at an Energy Star Hotel

How Green Is Your Commute? Find Out Now

And finally this week, here's a new book review for Graphic Novel Reporter:

X-9: Secret Agent Corrigan, Vol. One: 1967–1969

Monday, February 21, 2011

An owl conundrum, saving water and... Kazakhstan?

This week, I had opportunities to interview several really cool people for a few upcoming features. But I also worked on a bunch of shorter stories, too. That's one of the great things about freelancing: you're free to work on as many different topics at a time as you want.

Speaking of different topics, this week's articles are pretty broadly themed. 

First up, we have my usual two Extinction Countdown columns for Scientific American:

Should barred owls be shot to save endangered spotted owls?

Vulture restaurants are helping to save critically endangered birds of prey

Next, a wide variety of news items for Mother Nature Network:

Kazakhstan presidential candidate wants to legalize polygamy

Auburn University trees poisoned by angry Alabama football fan

3rd eye blind: NYU professor removes his back-of-the-head camera

From waste to fuel: Invention turns plastic bags back into oil

And finally, this week's big batch of articles for Green Hands USA. (Most of these are reruns or revisions of earlier articles from when the site was in quiet mode. Now that it's officially relaunched, they're being updated for new eyeballs.)

How to Recycle Your Old CDs and DVDs

The Top 10 Things to Ask When Buying 'Green' Electronics

Three Simple Ways to Save Water

15 Ways to Cut Your Energy Use

How Healthy Are the Nation's Birds? Help Find Out This Weekend 

How to Choose Cleaning Products without Dangerous Fragrances

Lots more next week. Until then, have fun reading!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Gorillas, trees, bats, and more -- 15 new article links

It was a productive week in the Platt office, with another new record of 15 published articles. There's something for everybody here, including Valentine's Day tips, iPhone apps, career advice and green news.

First up, this week's two pieces for my Extinction Countdown blog at Scientific American:

Deforestation may have killed off rare bat in Ireland

The Denver Zoo is helping to save Peru's critically endangered Lake Titicaca frog

Next up, this month's feature article for Today's Engineer:

Engineering for Reparability: Designing for the Greater Good?

We follow that up with six articles for Green Hands USA. (Some of these are new, some are edited reruns.)

Five Ideas for a Greener Valentine's Day

Love Sudoku? How About Trees?

Fly Greener with Carbon Credits

Arguing with a Global Warming Denier? There's An App for That

Build Your Own Solar-Powered Electric Vehicle!

iPhone App Helps Save Endangered Gorillas

And finally, a bevvy of fine news articles for Mother Nature Network:

Yahoo Livestand to bring the magazine rack to tablet computers

Georgia's forests are worth more than $37 billion annually, says study

Offshore wind power: Feds announce $50.5 million in funding for mid-Atlantic project

Confession app: Bless me, iPhone, for I have sinned...

Groupon to tweak Super Bowl ad about Tibet

Smithsonian open after fire scare

How many articles will we have for next week? I'm as excited to find out as you are!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Eleven new article links!

Now this was an epic week! Eleven published articles in just five days. That might be a new record.

First up, my Extinction Countdown column at Scientific American. Just one article this week... but don't worry, I already have three in the works for next week.

Next up, two features for IEEE, a large non-profit membership organization for engineers and scientists:

The newly relaunched Green Hands USA is starting to rock and roll. Readership is way up, and we're just getting started. Here are this week's articles:

Get Exercise, Save Gas by Riding an Electric Bicycle 

Save Paper and Ink with Free GreenPrint Software

New Label to Identify Products Made with Wind Energy

What Should You Do With a Broken CFL?

Is Your Website Carbon-Neutral?

Watch Greener TV with the Roku Box

And last but not least this week, a few news articles for Mother Nature Network:

Could energy from a crematorium be used to heat a sports stadium?

Chicago blizzard rips roof off part of Wrigley Field

So there you go -- plenty of Platt reading to keep you entertained for a few hours. Stay tuned for next week's list, which should actually be longer than this one!