Monday, March 19, 2012

The Good, the Bad, the Weird and the Ugly

Both of this week's Extinction Countdown articles for Scientific American covered species in distress Down Under:

Endangered Australian Cockatoo Loses One Third of Population in Just 1 Year

Just 55 Alive: World’s Rarest Dolphin Faces Extinction

(Actually, does New Zealand, where those dolphins live, count as "Down Under"? Tell you what, let's assume that it does.)

This week's stories for Mother Nature Network covered the weird, the weird, the bad and the ugly:

Was Vladimir Putin's famous tiger encounter faked?

Bee-rustling: Thieves steal 5,000 honeybees from Houston restaurant

Trump sons under fire for killing elephant, leopard, and other animals on hunting safari

Indiana Woman high on bath salts arrested for neglecting her children

And here are a few new "green living" blog posts for Green Hands USA:

San Francisco Has America's Greenest Taxis

New Adobe Software Promises to Cut Printing by 40%

Minneapolis Embraces Clean Air

There's lots more in the pipeline. Follow me on Twitter for headlines as they happen.

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