Monday, March 26, 2012

Elephants, a hot potato, noise and lots more

Another week, another batch of articles!

First up, my two Extinction Countdown pieces for Scientific American:

Cameroon Elephant Massacre Shows Poaching, Ivory Trade Require an International Response

Blue-Tailed Skink Declared Extinct in Hawaii

Next up, a wide range of articles for Mother Nature Network:

'Re-branding' global warming is political hot potato

Paul Allen donates $300 million for brain research

Aflac donates $1 million to Chattahoochee River restoration project 

Pinyons pining: Man-made noise affects plant growth and seed dispersal

Hillary Clinton praises plan to search for long-lost aviator Amelia Earhart

And finally, for this week anyway, a bunch of items for Green Hands USA:

New Window Tape Helps Reduce Bird Collisions

Tufts University Students Compete While They Recycle

Green Up Vermont Cleans Up Green Mountain State

London Olympics Could be Greenest Ever

Another batch of links coming your way in 7 days!

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