Monday, May 7, 2012

Rhino sex, horse racing, volunteering and climate change

Okay, so the more controversial or sensational the topic you write about, the more readers you attract. Got it.

Guess which one of this week's Extinction Countdown articles for Scientific American got about six times the normal number of readers:

The Most Eagerly Awaited Rhino Porn of All Time [Yup, it was this one.]

New Conservation Plan Will Protect Endangered Zebra Species

Meanwhile, this feature for Mother Nature Network was the most-read story on their site for a few days, during which time it generated a pretty good number of comments. It probably didn't hurt that CNN linked to this story from their home page:

Horse racing: An industry in crisis

Meanwhile, these other stories for MNN were fun to research and write:

Where do urban chickens go to retire? Portland

IKEA introduces disposable cardboard camera

Wind turbines contribute to global warming? Media outlets say they do

Oh, and an earlier MNN story was reprinted by the Huffington Post last week.

Finally this week, my latest feature for LION magazine appears in their May 2012 issue. I can't link directly to the article, but you can flip through the whole thing online here. My story --First Responders Since 1951 -- appears on page 38.

This week should see two new features, if not three, and a whole bunch more of the usual environmental reporting. Stay tuned for updates!

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