Monday, July 23, 2012

Snow leopards, equine Olympians, a world-changing contest and more

I'm about to utter the two scariest words for freelance writers: computer problems.

Yup, my trusty workhorse PC decided to not get out of bed on Friday morning, which resulted in a panicked switch to the laptop to make a few deadlines that day. In between finishing up assignments, I took the computer to the local Best Buy to see what their Geek Squad techs can do. Cross your fingers.

Of course, this was already a busy week before the computer snafu, with six new news articles in between the ongoing feature work.

As I usually do, I'll start with this week's two Extinction Countdown articles for Scientific American:

Hong Kong Imported 10 Million Kilograms of Shark Fins Last Year (this was reprinted by Mother Jones)

Snow Leopard News: Climate Change, Radio Collars, Heart Troubles and a Video First 

I also wrote several new articles for Mother Nature Network:

In Kuwait, 88% overweight and stomach stapling becoming the norm 

How do horses travel overseas to the London Olympics? (This took weeks to pull together and it was worth the effort.)

Musical glove could improve mobility in people with spinal injuries 

California bans foie gras, but some restaurants keep serving it 

And finally, here's my latest feature for IEEE's The Institute. I didn't realize this was online until just now, so you're the first to know!

Challenge to Students: Help Make the World a Better Place

That's it for now. Follow me on Twitter for more links as articles go live!

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