Monday, July 30, 2012

Five new eco-themed articles

Computer problems this past week slowed me down quite a bit, but I'm quickly catching up now that my new computer is up and running. Yeah, the old PC was on its way out and it turned out it was better to just go ahead and replace it. I had hoped to make it last another six months, but I figured keeping a dying PC on life support would just slow my productivity down. A computer is a writer's second-most important tool (other than the brain, of course), so it's an important investment.

Anyway, technical problems aside, this week brought five new articles, one for SciAm (with another one pending publication today after some delays) and four for Mother Nature Network:

Elephants at Los Angeles Zoo not happy or healthy, judge rules

Environmental groups announce plan to sue over emissions at Colstrip plant in Montana

Bear Bile Industry Reportedly Shrinking in South Korea, but China Market Stays Strong

Amelia Earhart expedition finds no conclusive evidence she survived after disappearance

Report: 31% of seafood in South Florida is mislabeled

I already have lots more in the queue for this week, so stay tuned for another batch of links in seven days or follow me on Twitter for the latest links as they happen!

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