Monday, August 13, 2012

Singing Penguins, Giant Butterflies and Green Engineering

As Monday morning's sun rises over coastal Maine, I'm already hunkered down in front of the PC working on -- let me see here -- one, two, new articles. About half of those will see "print" this coming week, while the rest won't appear for a month or more, but let me give you a little tease: you're going to want to read them all. I have interviewed some truly incredible, inspirational people in the past week and I can't wait to share what they had to say.

But for now, let's take a look at last week's articles, which should also serve to entertain and illuminate you.

First up, my two Extinction Countdown articles for Scientific American:

World's Largest Butterfly Threatened by Shrinking Habitat and Deforestation

Fishing Nets, Climate Change Threaten Yellow-Eyed Penguins in New Zealand

Mother Jones also reprinted the above penguin story under their slightly more click-worthy headline: VIDEO: Adorable Singing Penguin Threatened by Climate Change, Nets

Next up, my latest career feature for IEEE-USA's Today's Engineer. I enjoyed putting this one together and I think you'll learn something from it no matter what profession you are in:

Every Engineer is a Green Engineer

And now, the usual wide range of stories for Mother Nature Network, only one of which was specifically eco-themed:

Oyster industry struggles to adapt to climate change

Study: Weight training may reduce diabetes risk in men

Google Street View lets you tour the Kennedy Space Center 

That's it for now. Follow me on Twitter for more links as they happen!

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