Monday, August 6, 2012

Milestone week

Things sure do add up over time. Last week I wrote my 400th Extinction Countdown article for Scientific American, and in the next few months I expect to write my 1,000th article about endangered species. People often ask me, "doesn't writing about endangered species depress you?" Sure, it can be a burden at time. But it's a burden I'm willing to carry for a long time to come.

Anyway, last week brought that milestone article (the first one in the link list below) as well as two more Extinction Countdown articles and two pieces for Mother Nature Network. Check 'em out:

Rare Success: Critically Endangered Gharial Crocodiles Have Record Hatching Year

DNA Test Could Help Save Scottish Wildcat from Extinction—If It Still Exists

O'Reilly Animals Enlists Technology Community to Help Save Endangered Species from Extinction

NFL linebacker Will Witherspoon speaks to Congress about livestock and antibiotics

Israel has enough natural gas to last 150 years, but getting it will be costly

Oh yeah, and my article on how horses got to the Olympics was reprinted by the Huffington Post

I'll have at least one new feature online by the end of the week, maybe two, along with other new articles for SciAm and MNN. Keep an eye on my Twitter feed for the links as they go live or come back here in seven days for the latest list of links.

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