Monday, September 17, 2012

Cayman Islands, Rhinos, Wolves and Engineers

What do the Cayman Islands, rhinos, wolves and engineers have in common? Well, since you're reading this blog, you know that they're all the subjects of my articles from last week.

Let's start with my Extinction Countdown articles for Scientific American, which kicked off some discussion about hunting and responsibility:

Endangered Cayman Islands Parrots and Iguanas Could Use More Shelters and Havens

23,000 People from 33 States Apply for Minnesota Wolf Hunting Permits; Unrestricted Hunting Starts Soon in Wyoming

Meanwhile, one of my earlier Extinction Countdown articles, on bison embryo washing, was reprinted by Mother Jones.

Sticking with endangered species, my latest article for Conservation Magazine appears in their September 2012 print issue and online:

Spiked - Could poisoning rhino horns undermine their medicinal reputation?

Mother Nature Network is keeping me busy. I have at least four articles pending publication there, but here's what appeared last week:

Is Amazon Prime eco-friendly or wasteful?

Portland's vote to add fluoride to water looms

Drought sending more wildlife into towns looking for food

And finally, my latest article for IEEE-USA's Today's Engineer covers a career path that many people don't even realize exists:

Career Focus: Contract Engineering Jobs

This week I'm heads-down on my next articles for Today's Engineer, Lion, Scientific American, Mother Nature Network and several other places, but expect plenty of links to new articles all week long. Follow me on Twitter to see them as they go live.

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