Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pre-Labor Day Labors

It being the final week of the summer season, last week didn't see a heck of a lot of new articles by me, a situation I'm sure we'll see repeated during this, the short first week of the post-summer season. But here are the new headlines from all things Platt:

Scientific American:

Chimps Infected with Human Diseases Pose Possible Risk to Reintroduction Efforts [This was also reprinted by Mother Jones.]

Updates from the Brink: Dying Devils, Disappearing Vultures and a $473,000 Fish

In addition to the new web articles, my Extinction Countdown article on cougars has been adapted for the September print issue of SciAm:

(Don't pull out the magnifying glass. You can read the online version of this article here.)

Mother Nature Network:

Six Flags turns Wild Safari into off-road adventure

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