Monday, February 18, 2013

Bigfoot. Nuff said.

What was my most-read article of the week? I'll give you one guess:

Bigfoot evidence 'conclusive,' says scientifically dubious study

That was just one of this week's articles for Mother Nature Network. Here are the rest:

Texas and California battle over jobs, carbon dioxide emissions

Another Heart Attack Grill spokesperson dies ... of a heart attack

Bill Gates discusses polio, climate change and Steve Jobs during Reddit AMA

My other articles this week were for my Extinction Countdown blog over at Scientific American:

Whale Sharks in the News: Citizen Science, Migration Revelations and High Fashion

Giant Pandas at Risk from New Chinese Forestry Policies

There's lots, lots, lots more in the queue, including at least ten features that are pending publication. But alas, none of them are about Bigfoot. I may need to remedy that situation.

More next week!

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