Monday, May 20, 2013

Bad genes, red tides, ocean science and comics

Hey, this is my 250th post at the John Platt Article Library! That's a lot of weeks posting article links and archival pieces. And guess what -- I'm not stopping any time soon!

This week's first article links come your way from the pages of Scientific American, where my Extinction Countdown series appears three times a week:

Desperately Seeking Cichlid: Fish Species Down to Last 3 Males, No Known Females

What Do Tigers and Kiwi Have in Common? The Answer Lies in Their Genes

Deadly Snakes, Ugly Critters, Leonardo DiCaprio and Other Links from the Brink

Next up is something different, three articles for the Transect newsletter published by Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences. These cover glowing red tides, a unique cross-continent education program, and an expedition deep, deep, deep below the Atlantic Ocean -- while Hurricane Sandy pounded the coast a few hundred miles away! You can download the PDF here.

And finally, here are four new articles for Mother Nature Network:

Bill Gates 2.0: From Microsoft founder to disease eradicator

'Crazy ants' invade southeastern U.S.

Sequester forces cuts in volcano monitoring

Monsanto wins Supreme Court case on GMO soybean seeds

In addition to this week's articles, I made a rare public appearance at the Maine Comic Arts Festival in Portland, where I was selling my handmade comics and original art. What a great time! It was nice to hear so many people laughing at my work. I spend so much time writing about dark and depressing subjects, it's nice to get back to the humorous side of things once in a while!

Well, that's it for this week. I have a lot more in process and pending publication. Stay tuned for the latest updates!

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