Monday, July 15, 2013

Sawfish, Big Data and Jumping Robots (and a whole lot more)

I hope you had your Wheaties for breakfast this morning, because I have a lot of new articles for you to read. This time around I'm bringing you two weeks worth of new links, which makes up for not doing one of these lists last Monday after the long Fourth of July holiday.

And really, that was the way to go. I only published a few articles in the short week before Independence Day, and waiting until after gave a chance for several articles that were pending publication to finally see the light of day. So let's get to it.

First up, three new Extinction Countdown columns for Scientific American, all of which are important:

After 100 Years, Has the Elusive Night Parrot Finally Been Discovered?

Last Chance for Sawfish?

As Rhino Poaching Surges, South Africa Proposes Legalized Trade in Precious Horns

Next, my latest Careers Watch article for IEEE-USA's Today's Engineer. Seriously, if you know a smart kid who wants a tech job, point them in this direction:

The Big Data Job Boom

In other IEEE publication news, here's my latest feature for their publication, The Institute. This has some great advice for consultants, freelancers and anyone who owns a small business.

For Consultants, Social Media 101

And finally, here are a whole bunch of news items for Mother Nature Network. I may have had too much fun writing one or two of these:

Meet ATLAS: The walking, jumping robot that could one day save your life

Mount Fuji and 18 other locations protected as UNESCO World Heritage sites

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Let's terminate climate change

'Gasland II' sequel tells fracking's next chapter

Warren Buffett donates $2.6 billion to Gates Foundation and other charities

What is an Earthship dwelling?

That's it for this time around, but I still have a bunch of articles waiting for publication that could see print this week (or not; we'll see), and lots of new stuff to write. Follow me a Twitter for links as they happen. Otherwise, I'll see you here next Monday!

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