Monday, February 24, 2014

Conservation, critters and climate

When you work as a freelance writer, time often takes on a fluid quality. Today is today, as you work on articles that will appear in a few hours, but it's also tomorrow, next week, next month and six months from now, as you work on stories that will see print in the near and far-flung future. It's also yesterday, as you continue to promote articles published within the past 24 hours, as well as last year, as the articles you wrote months ago continue to influence the things you write today.

But now it's Monday, and you're about to find the links to the articles I published this past week (unless you're reading this six months from now), so I guess time is fluid for readers, too.

Anyway, here are last week's article links, starting with my "Extinction Countdown" pieces for Scientific American:

The Long, Strange Saga of the Endangered Hawaiian Hawk

Sea Lion Whisker Patterns Could Be Key to Conservation

And here are a variety of science news stories for Mother Nature Network:

Wild bumblebees are catching diseases from domesticated honeybees, says study

Ants form rafts using babies as flotation devices

John Kerry: Climate change is a 'fearsome weapon of mass destruction'

Science and God: Compatible or antagonists?

That's it for this time around. Make sure to follow me on Twitter for the latest links as they the future.

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