Monday, May 12, 2014

Long-hidden secrets are revealed in this week's articles...

Why a photo of a turtle? The secret will be revealed below...
This week's articles contain REVELATIONS about the universe...or, at least, a few small parts of it.

First up, two new "Extinction Countdown" articles for Scientific American, both of which cover revelations about previously little-understood species:

Solar-Powered Transmitters Reveal Secrets of Endangered “Little Devil” Seabirds

First Major Genetic Study of Elusive South African Dolphin Reveals a Species in Peril

Next, my latest careers article for IEEE's The Institute, which revealed so much to me that I rewrote my own resume:

Getting Your Résumé to the Top of the Pile

That brings us to this week's article for TakePart, which reveals yet another dangerous invasive species:

Unwanted Visitors: California Kingsnakes Are Overwhelming This Spanish Island

And finally these week, here are three articles for the expanding family of Mother Nature Network sites. These aren't all that revelatory, but this does mark the third week in a row that I wrote about sea turtles, which is kind of a revelation in and of itself:

How to enjoy sea turtles without harming them

Lungs from genetically modified pigs could soon be used to save human lives

International bird-watching competition converges on southern Israel

That's it! Who knows what secrets and amazing things will be revealed next week. (Well, I kinda do, since my assignment list is sitting right in front of me, but its contents are a secret to you, so expect revelations next week!)

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