Monday, August 22, 2016

Eco-Tech + Snakes + Philately

Another week, another few bylines. Yes, it's Monday and that means it's time for another list of links to my previous week's articles. This time around we (being me, the royal we) have a pretty wild and varied list for you, so get comfortable.

I'll start with two new articles for TakePart, where I'm broadening my range of topics to cover some green technology-type stories:

5 New Technologies Could Make Jet Travel Green

Supercomputer Makes Predicting Floods a Whole Lot Easier

Next up, two new "Extinction Countdown" stories for Scientific American. The first did really well, while the second was just plain fun to write.

Rare Burrowing Snake Discovered in Mountains of Mexico

Can Stamp Collecting Help Conserve Rare Species?

Finally this week, here are two new technology careers articles for different IEEE publications. The first is for IEEE-USA InSight, while the second is for The Institute:

Engineers Find Meaningful Careers in Health Informatics

IEEE Collabratec Introduces a Mentoring Feature

I have lots of great stuff in the works, so come on back next Monday for another list, or hit me up on the Tweeter for links as they go live.

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