Monday, August 29, 2016

Elephant feet, science detectives & wrong rocks

As hard as my regular readers may find this to believe, I try not to write about elephants too often. Oh, sure, the elephant poaching crisis is an unbelievable nightmare, but there are so many other species to write about that. Elephants can't get all the press.

That's why this week's first article was so important. I not only got to write about elephants, it's a story that also involves at least 61 other species:

The Amazing Biodiversity within an Elephant's Footprint

That article was for Scientific American, as was this one:

How Invasive Species (Slowly) Push Plants Toward Extinction

Next up, my latest for TakePart, which quite accidentally happened to run on the centennial of the National Park System:

The New Graffiti: National Parks Fight Stone Stackers

Finally this week, here's a story that combines science and 30 years of detective work, my latest for Hakai magazine:

It’s Happening Now: Climate Change Is Killing Off the Yellow Cedar

That's it this time around. I have lots more pending publication. Follow me on Twitter for headline as they go live, or come on back here next Monday for another list.

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