Monday, December 12, 2016

Whale Snot and 13 Extinctions

Dead birds flapping.
Welcome back, friends. It's time for this week's Monday morning wrap-up of my articles from the previous week. I have an extremely fun, positive story to start you off this time around, followed by a few downers, but ending on a positive note. My writing is a roller coaster of emotions!


Anyway. Let's start with the fun -- my latest for Hakai Magazine -- a story that I followed for a year before it could be told:

How High Schoolers’ Hacks Fixed a Whale Snot-Collecting Drone

Next up, two really depressing stories for Scientific American:

13 Bird Species Declared Extinct

"Crisis" for Mediterranean Sharks

Finally this week, two interesting stories for TakePart, the second of which gets us back into the fun zone!

Cute Critters Score Cash From Donors, Ugly Animals Not So Much

Don’t Drain the Swamp, #ReignTheSwamp

That's it for this week! Geez, only a few more of these Monday reports before the end of the year. That mean it's time to start tallying up my articles for the year and picking my favorites -- a list that will include one of this week's stories! Come on back next Monday for another list, or follow me on Twitter, where I'll share headlines as they go live.

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