Monday, October 31, 2011

Your Halloween treat: nine new articles

I'm late posting this week's list of articles because our unexpected and bizarre Halloween snowstorm has left us without power, heat or Internet. Luckily, hotel rooms provide all three!

This week's two Extinction Countdown columns for Scientific American couldn't be more different, but they are each vitally important in their own ways:

Poachers Drive Javan Rhino to Extinction in Vietnam

Please Don’t Feed the Endangered Eagles?

I'm back at Mother Nature Network after a couple of weeks (my editor took some time off). Here are my latest stories for them:

Prince Charles claims kinship to Vlad the Impaler, helps to save Transylvania's forests 

Apple plans massive solar farm in North Carolina

College tailgate parties go green with the EPA's Game Day Challenge

GPS maker Garmin releases fitness app for iPhone and Android

Green Hands USA seems to have finished up its brief resurrection. Here are the final few posts for October:

Target Commits to Sustainable Seafood

Tips for a Eco-Friendly Halloween

Giving Jewelry? Go Green with Man-Made Diamonds

In other news, my first feature article for Lion magazine should be online tomorrow (it arrived in my mailbox Saturday) and lots more is in the works.

See you next week!

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