Monday, January 16, 2012

Apps for apes, killer crayfish, and fun careers

The second week of the year brought eight new articles from my keyboard to your eyeballs.

First up, this week's two Extinction Countdown articles for Scientific American were quite popular:

Apps for Apes: Engaging Orangutans with iPads

(You can read all of my stories about orangutans here.)

Disease-Carrying Virile American Crayfish Invade U.K. Rivers

(I've been covering the UK crayfish plague since 2009. Here are all my stories on this invasive species nightmare.)

A reminder - you can get my Extinction Countdown articles via RSS here.

I covered a variety of environmental topics for Mother Nature Network this week:

EPA releases map of top greenhouse gas emitters in U.S.

Google can help predict flu outbreaks

'60 Minutes' exposes the dark side of the truffle trade

My latest article for Today's Engineer covered how some engineers find jobs in other professions:

Career Focus: Non-Engineering Careers for Engineers

And finally, here are two blog posts for Green Hands USA:

Help Scientists by Taking Photos of Your Local Wildlife

American University Students "Do It in the Dark" to Save Energy

I'm working on a ton of cool new articles for the coming week and beyond. Follow me on Twitter for links as they go live.

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