Monday, January 9, 2012

First articles of 2012 - Elephants, Vultures and Buildings

2012 is off to a great start -- aside from this persistent cough that's been plaguing me for the past three weeks. But coughing doesn't affect my typing ability, so there were still several new articles of mine published last week.

First up, both of this week's Extinction Countdown articles for Scientific American covered elephants, a perpetually interesting topic. I'm always amazed that I'm still writing about the illegal trade in ivory more than 22 years since it was banned.

Poaching and Ivory Smuggling at Record Highs in 2011

Unchained: Indian Elephant Rehab Center to Be a Model for Rescued Zoo Animals

(That second article was also reprinted by the Huffington Post.)

Here's a weird news item for Mother Nature Network. My editor there always digs up the coolest things for me to write:

Hundreds of vultures invade Georgia neighborhood

Here's a brief "green living" blog post for Green Hands USA:

Which Big-Box Retailers Are the Greenest?

And finally, I have a new feature in the January 2012 issue of Lion magazine, the publication of Lions Clubs International. Inspired by my own Lions Club, I interviewed club members around the country (and around the world) who also own clubhouses to come up with some best practices for a non-profit maintaining their own building. The entire issue is online here.

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