Monday, January 23, 2012

Don't wait, read last week's articles...

What a week! Lots of great new articles went online, and one of them resulted in my being the expert on Saturday's "Bluff the Listener" segment on NPR's "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me." The host pronounced my last name wrong (sigh), but it was still pretty cool to be invited. You can listen to the segment online here.

(Which article was it? Well, in the spirit of the show, I'll let you guess from the list below.)

So about this week's articles... of course, there were my usual two Extinction Countdown columns for Scientific American:

Nearly Extinct Primate Rediscovered in Borneo [Video]

Manta Rays Endangered by Sudden Demand from Chinese Medicine

Mother Nature Network, as usual, gave me a great range of fun stories to write about this week:

South African weather bill creates a storm of controversy

Mourning the loss of 'The Senator,' a 3,500-year-old tree

Golden Globes winner Peter Dinklage calls attention to dwarf-tossing

Flesh-eating disease can be caused by illegal 'bath salts' drug

And finally, here's a short blog post for Green Hands USA:

Is Your Toilet Paper Killing Tigers?

That's it for this time around! I'm working on all kinds of cool things for the days ahead, so stay tuned for the latest links!

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