Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Encyclopedia of Science Fiction entries

I've mentioned this before, but not lately: I'm writing the comics-related entries for the new online version of the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction. It's a great assignment and a huge amount of fun. I started off with editing and rewriting all of the old entries from the print edition, and now I'm starting to write new entries. Here are links to some of my favorites so far:

First, the main Comics and Graphic Novel entries.

Next, entries for several creators:

Neal Adams

Brian Bolland

Charles Burns

Howard Chaykin

Richard Corben

Dave Gibbons

Jack Kirby

Stan Lee

Frank Miller

Alan Moore

Stan Sakai

Dave Sim


And finally, entries for some publishers, titles or characters:

2000 AD


Captain Marvel

DC Comics

EC Comics

Flash Gordon

Heavy Metal

Judge Dredd

Legion of Super-Heroes

Marvel Comics




Swamp Thing

V for Vendetta

Weird Science


More to come!

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