Monday, February 6, 2012

Flightless parrots, Alaskan weirdness, and lots of turtles

Here they are, last week's 10 new articles.

First up, two new pieces for my Extinction Countdown blog for Scientific American:

Accidental Kakapo Death Lowers Population of Rare, Flightless Parrots to 127 Birds

Satellites to Track Rare Royal Turtle in Cambodia [Video]

Next up, the usual collection of news items (at least one of them rather odd) for Mother Nature Network:

Alaska proposes federal takeover of NYC's Central Park

CDC issues new warning about salmonella from pet turtles

Causes founder Joe Green doesn't regret not helping Mark Zuckerberg launch Facebook

Brazilian Blowout hair treatment ruled carcinogenic

And finally, several short blog posts for Green Hands USA:

Which Global Companies Are Greenest?

Black Warrior Riverkeepers Talk About Alabama Coal Ash

Journey North: Free Program Teaches Kids About Migration

Newark Delaware Seeks Sustainability

This coming week should see three new tech-oriented feature articles that have been pending for a while. Meanwhile, I'll be diving into seven new features and a boatload of other articles. It's going to be a busy month!

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