Monday, February 13, 2012

Robotics careers, dog stories, a milestone and more

What a week. I published my 350th Extinction Countdown article over at Scientific American (and I'm fast approaching my 1,000th article about endangered species). Several long-in-the-works features appeared. I wrote about dogs. A lot. And I started several new assignments that will keep me busy for the next month or so.

Oh, and I found out that a short comic-book script that I sold way back in 2006 is actually moving forward and could be out this summer.

More on that when I'm allowed to release the details. For now, here are this week's articles, starting with my two Extinction articles for SciAm:

Artificial Beaks Helping to Save Hornbills from Extinction in India [In addition to being my 350th article for SciAm, this was also reprinted by the Huffington Post.]

Critically Endangered Cross River Gorillas May Have More Room to Grow

On a completely different topic, here's my latest technology careers feature for Today's Engineer:

Career Focus: The Real Steel -- Robotics Careers Ready to Boom

Sticking with technology for a moment, I'm writing for IEEE's The Institute again. Here's my first of two new features that will appear this month:

IEEE Fellows Made Their Mark on Industry

Back to the enviro/animal side. Mother Nature Network kept me busy this week, mostly writing about the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. These were some of the most popular stories on the site all week long:

Canines from around the country heading to Westminster dog show

Four breeds that have never won the Westminster dog show

Meet the six new breeds in the 2012 Westminster dog show

Lawsuit takes aim at artist Christo's 'Over the River' project

And finally, here are two new blog posts for Green Hands USA:

Which Magazines Use the Greenest Paper?

Free App Turns Empty Cars into Rideshares

I'm already deep into writing this week's articles. Stay tuned for details!

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