Monday, December 10, 2012

Pygmy sloths, athletic angels, and PR mistakes

This week brought not just seven new articles by me, but also one kind of about me.

First up, this week's two Extinction Countdown articles for Scientific American. I'm really proud of these two. The first set the record straight on a story that most media outlets got wrong; the second is just a darn good story that embodies both the dangers that endangered species face but also the hope that they have for the future:

DNA Reveals the Last 20 Ethiopian Lions Are Genetically Distinct

Survey of Critically Endangered Pygmy Sloths Finds Just 79 Animals Remain

Next up, a big batch of stories for Mother Nature Network. The first two features were a lot of fun to pull together.

An athletic angel: Christian Jensen helps disabled people run marathons

Why are video games addictive?

Solar-powered plane can fly all day -- and all night

Is fracking making livestock sick?

A new holiday trend: Renting Christmas trees

And finally, here's that thing in which I am the focus. The PR-related organization Help a Reporter Out asked me to let them know my PR pet peeves and pointers when it comes to pitching. I also filled them in on my perceptions of the state of journalism today. Give it a read.

There's lots more coming up this week. Follow me on Twitter for links as they happen.

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